Release 4.46 - 13th December

Road Map Updates

OST Applications

We have added Scottish Apprenticeships as a funding model option for our Other Skills and Training applications.

This is a feature switch, so please contact your Account Manager to discuss enabling this feature.

Further information relating to this feature can be found on this knowledgebase article.

Apprenticeship learner dashboard

We have updated the learner dashboard so that only learners invited to complete self-enrolment will see the new application tile under the ‘My Applications’ section. This will include learners that already have a registered Bud account.

Previously, a registered Bud user would see the application tile regardless of whether they were invited to self-enrol or not.

Group learning

We are making another change to Group Learning usability, adding a date range filter to the Display Learners page, similar to that on the Add Learner page.

Bulk Upload Applicants 

For Bulk Upload, we are releasing the ability to bulk upload application further details. This can be found under Admin > Bulk Upload.

You will now be able to see the Application Enhanced option if you have the right permissions:



Messages and Submissions Toggle

On the “Messages and Submissions” tab on an activity, we have added a toggle, so that users can choose whether they want to send a message, or make a submission. When “Send a Message” is selected, only a free text box is presented for input:


When “Make a Submission” is selected, boxes for file upload and free text box are presented:


Employer Reports – Premium Only

The employer reports can now be accessed in the Employer Portal by your employer contacts. The reports will only be displayed to the contacts you choose to provide the permissions to. The reports will provide data on all Applicants and Learners at the employer and any child employers associated.

Permissions can be added to the following user roles: 

  • Employer Admin,
  • Sales,
  • Operations Manager,
  • Trainer (new contact only).

When creating or editing an employer contact there is the option to add the reports permission: 


You can see who has access when viewing an employer by the disabled or enabled icons: 



Employer Portal 

Once you have provided the permission to your chosen contact, when they log in they will now see the “Reports” option on the primary navigation: 


If they have permission at multiple Employers to view the report they must select which employer they wish to view:


If you provide access at multiple layers in the hierarchy it will show multiple options. Bud recommends you provide access at the highest level and the data will be shown in the reports for any of the child employers. For the full article and video of functionality please see here


Unfortunately, the scheduled updates below will not be available on 15th December as planned. We are currently experiencing an issue with our release pipelines which means that we are unable to deploy the DWH and Reports. 

This is currently under investigation with Microsoft and we will re plan the release once it has been resolved. We thank you for your patience. 

New Functional Skills Report

We have also added a new Functional Skills report to the Employer Report which will highlight where learners have functional skills outstanding and the percentage complete.

We have added traffic lights at the top to indicate where learners are coming towards the end of their apprenticeship and still have functional skills outstanding.



Reports Enhancements

Standard Reports: 

  • Funding  - If a learner withdraws , no payments will be included in the report past the learners withdrawal date.
  • On Programme - We have added the new measures for taking Required OFTH hours , in addition to the existing planned tracking measures.
  • Breaks and Withdrawals –  We have added the "last submission date" , this can be the last submission by the Trainer or the Learner.

New Data Warehouse Fields

The following new fields are being added in this release:

Table Name

Column Name


Data Type

Column is Nullable

Change Type

Learning Plan Links

Planned Off The Job Hours Completion Progress

Percentage of Off The Job Hours completed of those planned (excluding exempt activities)




Learning Plan Links

Planned Off The Job Hours Submission Progress

Percentage of Off The Job Hours submitted of those planned (excluding exempt activities)




Learning Plan Links

Required Off The Job Hours Completion Progress

Percentage of Off The Job Hours completed of those required for the learning plan






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