Release 4.47 - 10th January

Road Map Updates

Skills Bootcamps

We have added a new funding model option for Skills Bootcamps in our ‘Other Skills and Training’ applications. This is a provider feature switch, so please consult with your Customer Success Manager about enabling this.

Creating a Bootcamp programme: 

Before starting a new Bootcamps application, you will need to create at least one Skills Bootcamp programme in programme design. You will find the new Bootcamp option near the bottom of the list once you have clicked on ‘+ New Programme’: 



Bootcamp programmes will have the same functionality as other OST programme types. You will be able to add qualifications and activities to the programmes and these form the learning plan once the application has been completed. Programmes will go through the normal process of Draft, Awaiting Approval, Published, or Archived. 

Bootcamp Applications: 

You can create a new application for Bootcamps by navigating to ‘Other training applicants’ and selecting the new ‘Bootcamps’ option under the ‘+ New Application’ funding model option list:



For now, Bootcamp applications will have the same default question sets as the other English OST funding models, such as Traineeships. This includes most of the personal and employment information required for eligibility checks and the ILR. Additional Bootcamp-specific questions will be added to the application during the ‘Bootcamp Compliance Questions’ feature scheduled on our product roadmap.  

You will be able to report on Bootcamp applicants and learners in the same way as you can report on other OST applicants and learners.

Initial ILR creation for AEB programmes

We have added the first of a number of planned phases of “Initial ILR creation for AEB programmes” to help streamline the delivery of this funding model. Currently when choosing AEB as the funding model for a learner’s application requires the ILR to be manually edited to match the ILR requirements for AEB delivery.


Following this release, the following elements of the ILR will be automatically formatted to match the AEB ILR requirements

  • Funding Model – This will default to a value of “35 = Adult Skills
  • Default Aim Creation – The default Aim Type will be “4 = Learning aim that is not part of a programme


  • Prevent the creation of a ZPROG aim – A ZPROG aim will no longer be automatically created and subsequently need to be deleted as is current behaviour
  • Learning Start Date Postcode – This field will be automatically populated with the value entered in the (residency) “Postcode” field collected in the Personal Information Section of the enrolment process.
    • IF no postcode has been entered during the enrolment process, then the value in this field will default to “ZZ99 9ZZ”

Further phases of ”initial ILR creation for AEB programmes” will follow in subsequent releases and full details of the functionality for each phase will be detailed in the relevant release notes.

Validation Text on Grade entry screens

To help prevent invalid grade values from being entered into the ILR we have added a number of new validation messages to assist with compliance:

  • Learner “Reg and Cert” page – Qualification and/or Functional Skills



It is possible to enter any value into the “Grade” box however there are only a set number of values that are acceptable in the ILR. A full list of acceptable values can be found here. NB: Due to the number of different acceptable value combinations, it was not feasible to list them in a drop-down list so please ensure care when entering a value.

  • Learner “Reg and Cert” page – Main Aim (Standard)


It is possible to enter a “grade” value for a standard however as this is not required by the ESFA any value entered will NOT appear in the ILR, but is still reportable for internal use if required.

  • EPA Complete? Modal

The wording on the Modal (pop-out) that is presented when EPA has been marked as complete has also been updated to read: 

Please note this information will be used to update the "Outcome" and "Achievement Date" fields in the ILR and cannot be undone. "Grade achieved" is not required in the ILR but is recorded for reporting purposes


Group Learning & Delivery

  • We are making another change to Group Learning usability, adding a date range filter to the Display Learners page, similar to that on the Add Learner page.
  • The learner list appears based on Operations Manager and/or Primary trainer permission, ignoring any other role enabled for a user that would otherwise give them access to further learners.

Enhanced Off The Job Hours Log

We have added a new Off The Job Hours (OTJH) log for enhanced recording of OTJH. Both Trainers and Learners now have access to the log, which is found as a new tab on activities. This gives Trainers and Learners the option to log instances of OTJHs, with dates and times, on activities.

OTJH entries added by learners will be stored as “pending”, and can then be marked by Trainers.

  • For more information on how to add OTJH for trainers click here 
  • For more information on how learners are able to add OTJH click here 

Adding bulk OTJH entries

As well as individual entries to the OTJH Log, bulk entries of hours can also be made at the point of a submission. Bulk entries will be added to the log, but will not require the time or date of occurrences to be added. Individual log entries and bulk entries can be used together on the same activity.


  • For more information on how to add bulk OTJH for trainers click here 
  • For more information on how learners are able to add bulk OTJH click here 

Bug fixes

  • Apprenticeship applications – in some instances, learners and employers were unable to sign the Application Summary document if the learner had not been invited to complete self-enrolment. This has now been fixed.
  • OST applications – the wrong validation messages and rules were displayed on the Qualifications page for some OST applications. This has now been resolved to show the correct validation messages.

Business Intelligence 

We are still experiencing an issue with our release pipelines; we are currently awaiting a fix from Microsoft which is due on Friday 13th January.

Pending the resolution, we will look to schedule a BI release week commencing 16th January, we will send a notification ahead of the release.

Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


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