Learning Plan - Off The Job Hours Log - Entries at Submission


As well as individual entries to the OTJH Log, bulk entries of hours can be made at the point of a submission. Bulk entries will be added to the log, but will not require the time or date of occurrences to be added. Individual log entries and bulk entries can be used together on the same activity.

How to: Add a Bulk Entry



An activity submission can be made by either the Learner or Trainer. Previously, only the Trainer could add OTJH when marking a submission. With the introduction of the new OTJH, comes the ability for a bulk OTJH suggestion to be added at the point of submission.

A file and message must be added at the submission point. A new section shows the planned hours for the activity. It shows the actual hours, which have been approved by the trainer already. It also shows pending hours, which are hours that have been added to the log by the learner but have not yet been approved by the trainer. Additional hours can be added before selecting “submit”.

This adds the additional hours to the OTJH log, without a date and time. Instead, the submission number is displayed.

How to: Approve Bulk OTJH Entries




These hours can be approved or amended upon marking the submission. This can be done either from the “messages and submissions” tab. Alternatively, selecting “edit” on a bulk submission from the log also opens the submission marking modal.

The hours on the submission are prepopulated with the pending entry suggestion that was added at the point of submission. These can be amended, or removed, before the submission is saved. This will update the OTJH log bulk entry.


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