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In order to provide flexibility, Bud allows training providers to configure question sets within OST Applications. 

If you would like to discuss adding training provider questions for your tenancy, please speak with your Customer Success Manager, as there are more options in the OST configuration, this may involve some consultation and an approval process. 

Within the Application process for OST training provider questions form an extra set of questions, in addition to the standard Bud application questions.

Types of Question

It is possible to configure two types of questions: 

  1. Free Text - the answer is provided in free text form, up to 3,000 characters long
  2. Boolean - the answer is either Yes or No

Additionally, a question can be optional based on the response of a previous boolean question.

For example, a question of 'Is the learner struggling' could result in a follow up question 'Please provide more details' if the answer given is 'Yes', but no follow up question if the answer given is 'No'. 

How to: Add OST Application Questions

This capability allows you to provide additional questions to be shown to applicants for each Funding Model or a generic set for all OST applicants, with the options processed in a set sequence as follows:

  1. If there is a question set for the Funding Model chosen for the applicant then this will be displayed
  2. If there is no question set for the Funding Model chosen, then if there is a generic question set i.e. a question set with Funding Model specified as ALL then this will be shown
  3. Otherwise, no Training Provider Question option will be shown 

This does mean that for OST you may have multiple question sets you want to upload to Bud - one for each Funding Model you provide and a generic one, as this is more sophisticated than the "one size fits all" for Apprenticeships then discussion with your Customer Success Manager is essential to ensure correct operation.

At the top of the spreadsheet you will need to provide a Question Set Title - a friendly name that is meaningful for you - and select a Funding Model from the dropdown - use ALL for a generic question set.

If you would like to enable Training Provider Questions in your OST application please:

1. Speak with your Customer Success Manager and complete the attached 'Application Questions - OST' spreadsheet.  When completing please ensure the order in the spreadsheet reflects the order you wish the questions to be displayed in your application. 

2. Ask your system administrator to send a support request to support@bud.co.uk putting 'training provider questions - OST' in the subject, and attach the spreadsheet. 

If you choose to add application questions, these will appear as an additional tab within the 'Programme Info' section and will be required to be completed by the trainer with the learner:

Note, that if you have previously configured application questions and would like to update them, please follow the process above. Please ensure you specify all the questions you would like to be asked, including ones that might already be part of the application. 



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