Release 4.49 - 7th February

Road Map Updates

Other Skills and Training: Bootcamp initial ILR automation

Ahead of the planned schedule, we are happy to announce that we are releasing the first phase of the Bootcamp initial ILR automation functionality.

This functionality focuses on the learning delivery entity of the ILR and ensures that bootcamp learners have the following initial ILR configuration:

  • Funding model – This will default to Funding model 37 (Skills bootcamps)
  • Aim Type - Default creation of a programme aim (Aim Type 1)
  • Programme Type – This will default to Programme Type 32 (Skills bootcamps)

Further initial ILR creation automation will follow in subsequent releases to further reduce the administration of Skills bootcamp learners.

Bug Fixes - Activities 

  • We have fixed a minor bug which meant that when learners deleted an activity submission, they had to refresh the page to be able to navigate back to the submissions tab to make another submission. Now, learners can create another submission after deleting a previous submission, without refreshing the page.
  • To avoid any potential confusion we have also removed the ability to add a leading 0 before another number when entering Off The Job Hours to an activity submission. This means that a trainer could previously add “05”, or “5”, both of which would add 5 hours to the submission. Now, this could only be entered as “5”. 


Bug Fixes - ILR

We have addressed an issue where in a limited number of cases the ACT “Date to” value was not being populated when a learner was placed on a confirmed Break In Learning. 

We have fixed a minor bug where in certain workflow editing circumstances the planned end dates displayed for some component aims did not match the values indicated in the enrolment. 

Business Intelligence - 9th February at 2.30pm

Please note your reports may be blank for a short time afterwards.

Standard Reports – New EPA Report

We have added three new reports to the Standard reports suite with a focus on End Point Assessments

  • The main report provides an overview of all learners in EPA, the average time in EPA and the outcome of assessments: 


There are two further drill-through reports: 

  • Meetings and Assessments: This provides the details per learners of any meetings and assessments associated with their EPA. If they have multiple assessments these will be listed as individual rows:


  • EPA Retakes – Provides a list of learners who required additional training after failing their EPA. This will show the date that they returned to learning: 


Employer Reports – Report Enhancement

To help manage which employer contacts have access to the Employer Reports in the Employer Portal we have added additional fields to the Employer Hierarchy report which is accessible from the Admin Section: 


The new fields will show which Employer Contacts

  • Have been invited to register in the portal
  • Have an account
  • Has access to the reports in the portal.

Please note that it is possible for an employer to have access to the portal if you have not issued an invite if they work with another training provider.


Engagement Metric update

We have updated the engagement metric in the DWH to account for the new OTJHs log, Engagement is now defined as: 

"a submission or message from the learner, submission by the trainer, Approved Off the Job hours, or a completed progress review. Time is reset upon return from a break."

New Data warehouse Item

Table Name

Column Name


Data Type

Column is Nullable

Change Type

Learning Plan

Last Approved Off The Job Hours from Log

Date of Last Off The Job Hours logged by the learner that have been approved by the trainer (OTJH Log only)





Please note we've tightened up on the nullability of the surrogate keys, so more of these columns are now not nullable.  We don't foresee this having an impact on any ETL integrations.

Coming Soon 

We plan to release our OST applicant self-enrolment feature in our next release on 21st February. This will give training providers the choice to invite applicants to self-enrol when starting a new OST application.

The applicant self-enrolment journey will include providing the basic personal details about the individual to help determine eligibility. It will not include programme-specific aspects of the enrolment.

Further information will be sent prior to the next release to help you prepare for the change.


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