Release 4.51 - 7th March


Group Learning & Delivery

We have added a further bulk action to Group Learning allowing you to complete an activity for learners within a group. This enables users to upload and mark a submission, and then for the learner to sign off and complete the activity.

Click here for further detail on how this functionality works.

Other Skills and Training


We have added the option to invite OST applicants to self-enrol as part of their application. This will be available for the following funding models:

  • AEB
  • Advanced Learner Loans
  • Bootcamps
  • ESF
  • Study Programmes
  • T-levels
  • Traineeships
  • Other

It will not be available for the following funding models at this stage:

  • Commercial
  • OST Scottish Apprenticeships

For further information on self-enrolment, please see the following articles:

Progress indicators

We have added progress indicators to the ‘Employment’ page on OST applications.

The first question on the page ‘What is the applicant's current employment status?’ is now mandatory. Any subsequent questions following the first questions will need to be answered with the existing validation already in place. For example, if you select that the applicant is ‘in paid employment’, you will then need to select an employer to save the page. 

The progress indicator on the ‘Employment’ page will look and behave like the other progress indicators on the application: 


AEB Initial ILR Automation

As part of our commitment to continue adding functionality where it benefits our customers, we have released a further addition to AEB initial ILR creation.

Where a learner is identified as being “Fully funded” and is also confirmed as being “in receipt of low wages as defined by the funding rules” during the enrolment process: 


We will populate the Learner’s ILR with the Learning Delivery Monitoring (LDM) code “363” (Learners in receipt of low wages): 


Bug Fixes 

Since the last release, we have deployed a data fix to ensure that ILR data was restored to the correct state following a previously identified, and resolved bug. This data fix was not applicable to all customers and did not introduce any new data into learner’s ILR records.

For those customers that were impacted, the planned end date for some component learning aims was incorrectly set to match the start date making it necessary to correct the affected data. The data fixed deployed has corrected those values and returned them to their original values.

File Uploads

Learners and trainers can now upload power bi files as evidence against an activity. The file uploader will accept both pbit and pbix format.

Business Intelligence - 9th March at 2.30pm

Please note your reports may be blank for a short time afterwards.

New Data Warehouse Items:







Table Name 





Column Name 










Data Type 













Has Been Replanned 



Flag to denote where an activity has been replanned; i.e. the due date has been updated (See Presentation.[Activity Due Date Audit]) 







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