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The Bud Implementation Training Programme is designed to support our users in getting the most out of the platform when they first become a Bud client. We strongly recommend working through this programme when completing your Implementation Delivery Training with Bud. 

If you are an existing customer but are new to your organisation we recommend completing the relevant onboarding course for your user role(s). 

Programme Structure

This training is broken down into 9 online modules, and depending on your role within your organisation, some will be more relevant than others.  The 9 modules you are required to work through are as follows:

  1. User and Employer Management 
  2. Applicant Management 
  3. Programme Design 
  4. Learning Delivery – Part 1
  5. Learning Delivery – Part 2
  6. IQA
  7. Back Office Administration 
  8. Reporting
  9. Funding and ILR

A link to each module can be found by visiting the relevant articles also located in this area of our knowledge base.

Module Structure

Each module is made up of five components: 

1. Pre-webinar learning

Here you'll find a short introduction to the module including an outline of the key points and links to relevant supporting articles. 

We recommend that you complete the pre-webinar learning for every module regardless of your user role, in order to provide you with a high-level understanding of the features and functionalities within that specific area of the platform.

2. Online module-specific webinar 

Here you will either: 

  • Attend a live webinar or watch the recording.
  • Work through a number of relevant articles and/or pre-recorded webinars.

We recommend that you complete this section for the modules specific to your user role, of course, you can still complete this section if you wish to expand your understanding of an area outside your current user role.

3. Post-webinar summary

Here you'll find a summary of the module and some key takeaways, plus links to relevant supporting articles.

We recommend that you complete the post-webinar summary for every module regardless of your user role, to provide you with an understanding of the key functionality and top tips for using Bud.

4. Knowledge checks

A number of multiple choice style questions to check your understanding of the module. 

We recommend that you complete the knowledge checks for every module regardless of your user role. There is no pass mark for this section so do not worry if you have not completed all aspects of the module. You'll be provided with the correct answers and this is an effective way to understand some of the key functionality and top tips. 

5. Module reflections

An opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt and any further support you might require before moving on to the next module. 

We recommend that you complete the module reflections for every module regardless of your user role

Bud Recommends 

We recommend that you only complete the module-specific webinars that are relevant to your user role. You'll identify your specific user role in the pre-webinar learning in the first module. Each module-specific webinar will state which user role it is relevant to so you'll know which ones you need to work through.

All other aspects of each module; pre webinar learning, post-webinar summary, knowledge checks, and module reflections should be completed for all modules regardless of your user role.

Click here to get started on your first module: User and Employer Management 

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