Create OST Applicants via the API


This article is likely to be useful for Customers who would like to integrate Bud with their CRM systems, to help streamline their end-to-end signup process.


Bud provides the ability for providers to create OST Applicants via the API. Specifying the funding stream and inviting the applicant to self-registration. 


Create an OST Applicant

Field Name Required? Data Type Validation
firstName   String  
lastName   String  
emailAddress   String  
fundingModel   String One of [Traineeship, AdultEducationBudget, AdvancedLearnerLoans, Commercial, StudyProgramme, TLevel, ESF, Bootcamps, OSTScottish, Other]
inviteOstApplicant   Boolean  
trainerId   String (guid) Must be a valid user in your tenancy. 



Swagger Documentation for Developers

As is typical with APIs, we've created some swagger documentation to support your development and testing when integrating with our APIs. 

Swagger Documentation



There are some rules surrounding this API which must be considered. 

  • When creating an applicant and assigning the funding model, that funding model MUST be enabled in your tenancy. If you aren't sure about this, contact your Customer Success manager. 
  • Presently, Applicants for Commercial and Scottish OST Funding Streams are restricted in Bud from self-registration, and thus even if 'inviteOstApplicant is set to true,  those applicants still will not be able to self-register.
  • When creating Applicants via the API, the self-registration setting in the data model will overrule the providers Feature Switch setting to allow self-registration. So it is important you set that, in-line with your expected behaviours.    

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