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Training providers are able to invite learners to self-register and complete part of their application. If you are invited to complete part of your application you will need to register for the Bud Learner Portal first. 

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How to: Complete Self-Registration   

1. Check the email account you have used to register for an email from Your e-mail should look as below. Click the 'register now' link: 


2. Click 'START':


3. Click 'NEXT'. Your e-mail will be pre-populated you will need to select a password. 


If you have already registered you will be asked to log in. If you have already completed the process Bud will inform you of this and you will be asked to contact your training provider if you have any queries. 

4. You are now registered for the learner portal. Click 'continue to application':  CONTINUE_APPLICATION_2.PNG

To complete your application you will need to complete the following steps: 

Step 1 - Applicant (learner) details

Your basic details, including date of birth, gender, address and next of kin details. The mobile phone is an optional field, if this is completed ensure the mobile number is entered without spaces. 

Step 2 - Qualifications 

​State the highest level of qualifications, and your level of attainment for Maths, English & ICT: 


If you state that you do not have any qualifications, Bud will not show this next section. If you state that you have qualifications then you will be asked to complete your qualification history, and optionally, upload certificates as evidence. 


Step 3 - Additional Details

​Next you will need to provide some additional details, including whether you have been resident in the UK, EU & or EEA for the past 3 years, your household status, and your ethnicity. You will also be required to write a written statement detailing why you would like to undertake this apprenticeship and what you hope to gain from it: 



Step 4 - Support and Access Requirements

Detail if you have any support or access requirements. Should you have any requirements you will be able to detail what disabilities or difficulties you have. These will then be discussed with your trainer in the sign-up meeting to understand what specific support you will need.  



Please note this section is optional, if you do not want to complete it then you will not have to. 

Step 5 - Employment 

Information about your current employment situation: 


Step 6 - ID Verification  

You will be asked to select your type of ID, enter the document and then upload a copy of the ID. 


Step 7 - Communication Preferences 

Enter your communication preferences. You can choose to be contacted by either Bud, the training provider or the ESFA.  

Once you have completed your application your registration is still in progress, your trainer/course provider will be in touch with you to arrange your sign up meeting:   


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