Video recordings

Requesting video

When you open a ticket with Bud, we may on occasion request a video recording from you. 

Recording a video is optional but can help us to understand exactly what the problem is and can enable us to resolve issues much more quickly. 

Recording your video

We'll send you a link which includes the instructions on how to record the video.

Once you have completed your recording you will be able to review it before sending it to us and have the option to cancel or re-record the video if you need to.

Please ensure you close any applications or files which contain sensitive information before starting your recording. In the event you send us a recording in error, you can ask us to delete it.

Sending you video

Occasionally we may send you a video to demonstrate how to do something on Bud. Any videos sent to you will also be deleted after 30 days.

Video storage and deletion

Videos submitted to us are stored securely in the EU and deleted after 30 days. 

You can request deletion of a video you've sent to us at any time.

Supported devices and browsers

Our video recording solution does not work on mobile devices.


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