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Trainers and Learners now have access to an enhanced Off The Job Hours log. This will give users the option to log instances of OTJHs, with dates and times, on activities. The OTJH log can be found as a new tab on activities.

This is available alongside adding bulk OTJHs at the point of marking a submission, similar to how they could previously be added. Bulk entries will be added to the log, but will not require the time or date of occurrences to be added. Individual log entries and bulk entries can be used together on the same activity.

This article covers adding and marking individual, timed and dated OTJH log entries. 

How to: Add OTJH Entries

Watch the video below to find out more. Written steps on how to add and mark submitted OTJH are also provided beneath the video. 


Trainers can add OTJH entries to the log on behalf of learners. The date that the hours were carried out must be entered, along with the start and end time. For now, the total hours must be in whole hours.

The date entered must be after the start date of the apprenticeship, and cannot be in the future at the time of entry.


When trainers add hours, they must record whether these should be counted as OTJH. If these are marked as counting as OJTH, a confirmation statement is displayed, and by choosing to “add” these hours, the trainer confirms that they meet the requirements. If “no” is selected, trainers are asked to choose one of four reasons in a drop down menu, to explain why these hours are not valid OTJH.

Overlapping timeslots cannot be entered in the log. Hours must be between unique times which are not already included in the log for this activity.

How to: Mark Learner-Submitted OTJH

When a learner has added hours, they are automatically shown as “pending”. The trainer must confirm or reject these hours. You can do this by selecting “edit” on pending log entries, and selecting “yes” or “no”. Log entries can be filtered, so that only pending entries are shown. While hours are in "pending" status, they are shown at the top of the activity in the "pending" hours count.



Once pending entries are confirmed as counting as OTJH, they are shown in the “actual” count of hours at the top of the activity and contribute to hours displayed on the learning plan.

Hours that have been confirmed as counting as OTJH are displayed on the learning plan in the "Planned Off The Job Hours" progress bar.

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