Change required for continued access to the Bud Data Warehouse

Change required to ETLs and Reports that access the Bud Data Warehouse

If you have an ETL process or any reports connecting to the Bud Data Warehouse then you need to make the following change before 11 December 2023.

The Bud DWH server is moving and will have a new name

The old server name is:

The new server name is:

If you do not update your reports or ETL processes, then they will fail to refresh from 11 December 2023.


Why are we making the change?

Over the weekend of 9/10 December, we are moving the Bud platform from the West Europe Azure region to UK South. This requires the server hosting the data warehouse to have a new name. Also note that the Bud platform and Data Warehouse will be unavailable during this time.

To enable you to make the necessary change at your convenience before this weekend, we have implemented a DNS alias which is currently pointing to the old server and will be updated to point to the new server when the changeover is made.


Disabling Logins

Any Data Warehouse user that has not logged in to the Data Warehouse for 6 months, will have their login disabled. If you want to keep your login, please make sure you login at least once before 9 December.


How to update your Power BI reports

Open the report in Power BI desktop.

On the Home tab, select Transform Data and then Data source settings

 This will bring up the following dialog box. Click on Change Sourceā€¦


Update the Server name to

Click OK.


For your first report, you will need to enter your Data Warehouse credentials as described below. Subsequent reports should not require these extra steps.


Click the Edit Permissions button.

Click on Edit

Select Database on the left hand side and enter your Data Warehouse login details here.

Now you can click Save, OK and then Close to close the three dialog boxes.


A yellow bar will appear at the top of your report asking you to Apply the Changes. Clicking the Apply Changes button will refresh your report.

You can now re-publish this report to

If you need help with publishing your reports, please see Power BI - Publishing to the Power BI Service


After publishing, you may need to re-enter your login credentials in and set up the refresh schedule.

Find the report in the Power BI workspace, click on the 3-dots menu for the Semantic model and choose Settings:

Expand Data source credentials and click Edit credentials

You re-enter your DWH login details here.

Now you can expand Refresh and check your refresh schedule.

You will need to repeat this process for every report that accesses the Bud Data Warehouse.


Help - I do not have the original Power BI report!

If you cannot find the original Power BI report (*.pbix file) that you have published to, you can do the following:

  • Open the report in
  • Click the File Menu and then Download this file

  • Select A copy of your report and data (.pbix) and click Download

This will download a pbix file of your report to your computer. You can now follow the steps above to change the connection string and republish.


Updating your ETL

If you have an ETL loading data into your own Data Warehouse, please make sure you update your connection strings. This will be in whichever tool you are using such as Azure Data Factory, SSIS or SQL Server Linked Servers.


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