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The Bud Finance Reports include an Indicative Earnings Report with a high-level dashboard of the total potential earnings. The reports focus on three different areas, based on the Apps Indicative Earnings Report produced by the Funding Information System (FIS), Clawback monitoring and Forecasting.

User Role 

  • All users with a reporter - Finance Reports permission switched on

How to: Indicative Earnings Report

The purpose of the report is to give you the ability to reconcile against the payments reports from the ESFA.

Note: we do not expect every payment amount to precisely match what is reported from FIS or the HUB, as there may be rounding errors or different assumptions used by each system.

The indicative earnings amount is based on a snapshot in time right now and shows the projected funding for all learners as they stand today with no extra breaks/withdrawals and no new learners on-boarding. The report for next year runs based on the assumption that funding next year will follow the exact same rules as this year.

The report will give you a breakdown per learner in your tenancy of the following payment types:

  • On Programme Payments
  • Balancing Payments
  • Completion Payments
  • Functional Skills
  • Additional Learning Support
  • Incentive Payments

You can use the filter to either include or exclude learners who have not been included in your ILR that is generated.

To view the underlying data on the reports please use the “Export CSV”.

During the ILR crossover period, you will have the ability to download the report for the current or the previous academic year. From 1st November onwards there will only be the ability to download the current funding year.

Business Rules

On Programme Payments (OPP)

These are the anticipated monthly payments from the ESFA to the training provider.

  • This is calculated based on the Total Negotiated Price (TNP) of the learning plan. Total in the ILR is TNP 1 + TNP2 (if present) which is split 80% of the practical period and 20% of completion payments. Note: Any month that the learning is past its planned end date, no payments will be made for the learner.
  • The number of monthly payments is based on the number of "census" returns a learner will be present in (counted as the last calendar day of the month).
  • For each period of learning the number of census returns is calculated based on the learning start date (LearnStartDate) and the learning planned end date (LearnPlanEndDate).
  • When a learner goes on a break the on-programme payments are stopped on the learning actual end date.
  • On return from a break, the duration of the learning is extended by the duration of the break and a new line will be added to the report for the returned aim. Remaining OPPs will be recalculated based on the new LearnStartDate and LearnPlanEndDate, less any payments previously made.

Completion Payment

  • 20% of the Total Negotiated Price.
  • Completion payment is made after the achievement date(AchDate) given in the ILR. For non-achievers, the completion payment will be made after the actual end date (LearnActEndDate).
  • Payment is triggered in the same month as completion. For example, if a learner had an achievement date of 03/05/2022, then the payment would be in the end of month return for May, but would be paid out in June.
  • For expected completion date, the full amount is shown in the month in which the expected end date is shown. If a learner goes past this date, the completion payment will not show until an end date or achievement date has been populated as above.

Functional Skills Payments 

  • £471 is paid per Functional Skill on a learning plan. For example, if the learner is doing Maths Functional Skills level 1 and Maths Functional Skills level 2 then there will be a total amount due of £942.
  • The total per Functional Skill will be split based on the number of census returns the Functional Skill will appear in, based on the learning start date of the Functional Skill and the planned learning end date. For example, if the learning start date is 16/05/2022 and the end date is 16/08/2022, the £471 will be split into 3 payments. 

Additional Learning Support

  • The number of monthly payments is based on the number of census returns a learner will be present in. 
  • Each period of learning the number of census returns is calculated based on the Learning Support Funding (LSF) start and end date.
  • For each return there is a payment of £150.

Change of Employer 

  • Where a learning aim has a TNP 1 & 2 as well as a TNP 3 & 4, two lines for the same ZPROG will appear in the Indicative Earnings Report.
  • For the original employer - OPPs will appear in the relevant monthly payments up until the date the learner changes employer. 
  • The new employment date is the AFinDate date associated to the TNP 3 and OPP will appear each month up until the learning plan end date.
  • The number of instalments for the additional line will be based on the number of census dates remaining between the change of employer date and the learning planned end date.
  • If the amounts reported in the ILR are updated, then the payment amount will be updated in the reports.
  • A similar recalculation is triggered if TNP 3 & 4 payments are added for an existing employer, for example where there has been a cost renegotiation.

Note:  If an aim is not in progress on the last day of a month, payment will not be triggered for that month.

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