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The Bud Finance Reports include multiple reports to help you navigate and explore financial implications across your ILR data within Bud. All reports in this section are built with a focus on the ILR fields in Bud. Where possible, these have been linked to their relevant Learning Plan fields in Bud. Please note, these reports cannot replace the funding reports provided by the ESFA, however will give an overview of your financial health based on the data in Bud.

User Role 

  • All users with a reporter - Finance Reports permission switched on

Included Reports 

Indicative Earnings Report

With a high-level dashboard of the total potential earnings. The reports focus on three different areas, based on the Apps Indicative Earnings Report produced by the Funding Information System (FIS), Clawback monitoring and Forecasting.


Financial Clawback Reporting

Focused on 3 areas to provide a summary of the financial implication associated with the late processing of the following areas;

  • Withdrawals
  • Breaks in learning (coming soon)
  • Pending breaks and withdrawals (Coming Soon)


Financial Forecasting - Beta

Offering a simple solution to projecting funding for expected monthly start numbers and applicants in current pipeline.


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