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In the Employer portal you have access to view and contribute your comments to Learner Reviews. This article walks you through how to do that. 

Note: Reviews can only be contributed to if it is scheduled within the next 7 days, or when it is in progress. You must be the Employer Contact assigned to the Review to view it. 


How to: Locate a Learner Review

  1. Login to Bud
  2. Click 'Learners' and find the relevant Learner. Click the Learners name to open it. 
  3. The Learner Reviews page should open by default. 

On this page you will see scheduled, in progress, completed and cancelled Reviews.


Locating Learner Reviews.gif


How to: Contribute comments to a Learner review

Once you have located the relevant Learner Review, you can view any details submitted by the Learner and Trainer and contribute your own. If another user has not contributed any comments, it will display the text "Feedback not currently provided" under the question. 


  1. Click the 'Contribute' button alongside the relevant Review.
  2. Once the Review is opened, you can view the Learner and Trainer tabs and the comments they have submitted. 
  3. Click the 'Employer' tab 
  4. Enter your answers into the questions. 
  5. Click 'Save'. 


Contributing to a Learner Review.gif



How To: Sign a Learner Review

Once the trainer has completed the Review, it will move to a status of 'Awaiting Signatures'. At this point, the assigned participants of the Review are required to sign it.

  1. On the Reviews page of the Learner, scroll down to the 'Progress Review History' table. 
  2. Locate the Review in a status of 'Awaiting Signature' 
  3. Click 'Add Signature' 
  4. Click 'Add Digital Signature' and make your mark. 
  5. Click 'Apply Signature'. 


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