Power BI - Publishing to the Power BI Service


This article outlines how to publish to the Power BI Service, before you get started please ensure the following pre-requisites are in place: 

  • Ensure that you have a Microsoft PowerBI Pro licence.  Your IT administrator can help with this.
  • Your administrator has assigned you a Member or Contributor role within in a workspace in PowerBI.com (if you’re not an Admin yourself). 

How to: Publish to the Power BI Service

  1. In Power BI Desktop, open the report you wish to publish. If prompted, enter your data warehouse credentials.  Allow any refresh to complete.
  2. Select Publish from the menu:


  3. Enter your email address, and password, if requested. Note that this will be your Microsoft account to authenticate you with the PowerBI service.


  4. Select the workspace you wish to publish to:


Once complete you will see:


  1. To confirm it has been published correctly, in your browser, go to powerbi.com and log in with your Microsoft account details.
  2. Navigate to the workspace you have uploaded the report to, and you should be able to see it down the left hand side:

  3. You can also view the report from here, with the data as it was when published. To ensure the data is always kept up-to-date, see ‘Setting up Auto-Refresh in the Power BI Service’.

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