Power Bi - How to Add a Table from the Presentation Layer into the .Pbit Model


Within the .pbit files that we share we only include tables that are required for the reports, this is to help with the performance of the reports when opening them. The more tables included the slower the performance.

However we are regularly including new data items into the warehouse which you will be notified by the release notes.

If the new fields is included on an existing table in the model then they will automatically be added into the model, if they are associated to a new table then you will need to add the new table to the model.

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 How to: Add a Table from the Presentation Layer into the .pbit Model


Below are the steps on how to do this from within PowerBI:  

Step One :  Select transformation data 



Step Two : Select any table 



Step Three : Select  “advance editor” from the ribbon 



Step Four : Copy the M code in the advanced editor  




Step Five: Select “New Source” and “blank query” 


Step Six: Select “advanced Editor” on the blank query 


Step Seven  : Paste the Copied M code modifying to include the required table 



Step Eight : Close and Apply 



Step Nine  Manage Relationships , please note it is not recommended to use the auto detect relationships

Select the model:


Connect the new table to existing tables: drag and drop the connection point 


Step Ten: Set the cardinality 

 Right click and select properties 



N.B: Make sure that the relationships is marked as active. 


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