Applicant Management - Compliance Checks


The following video forms part of Bud's Client Education webinar series which covers a review of the final part of applicant enrolment, the compliance checks. This is the process where the application and documents signed are checked, in this webinar we go through the process for these checks along with some useful hints regarding best practice.

Please note the webinar is recorded in premium mode if you are an essentials customer you may see some functionality you currently do not have access to. If you would like to upgrade please talk to your account manager. 

Short on time? The video index below highlights where key features/functionality are covered. 

Feature/functionality Time (min:sec)
How to start compliance checks 02:07
How to complete compliance checks 03:38
How to use the application notes 05:42
How to edit an application 07:07
How to complete an application 08:43
How to add an application to the ILR

How can I check if an application has been added to the ILR? 

Please note you can now check whether learners/applicants have been activated in the ILR using our ILR embedded reports located within Bud (you no longer need to access reports outside of Bud using power BI to view this information). To find out more click here. 



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