Programme Design


The following video forms part of Bud's Client Education webinar series which covers how to build programmes with the exception of creating activities which is covered in a separate webinar here. 

Please note the webinar is recorded in premium mode if you are an essentials customer you may see some functionality you currently do not have access to. If you would like to upgrade please talk to your account manager. 

Short on time? The video index below highlights where key features/functionality are covered. 

Feature/functionality Time (min:sec)
Understand the role of programme manager and contributor in programme design 04:02
How to view the programmes tab and understand programme status 07:15
How to start a new programme build  11:33
How to add functional skills to a new programme 13:45
How to complete the settings tab when building a new programme 15:05
How to complete the standards tab when building a new programme 17:40
How to complete the qualifications tab when building a new programme 18:13
How to complete the functional skills tab when building a new programme 27:05
How to complete the summary tab when building a new programme (please note the activities tab is covered in an alternative webinar)


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