Applicant Management - Self-Registration


The following video forms part of Bud's Client Education webinar series and covers how to enrol an applicant using the self-registration option. When inviting an applicant to self-register they will be responsible for inputting most of the information, requiring the provider to only complete the final points, making it a time-efficient option for providers, especially when enrolling large cohorts.

Short on time? The video index below highlights where key features/functionality are covered. 

Feature/functionality Time (min:sec)
How applicants invited to self-register create their account in Bud  02:00
How applicants complete step 1 of self-registration: Applicant (learner) details 03:00
How applicants complete step 2 of self-registration: Qualifications 04:20
How applicants complete step 3 of self-registration: Additional details 06:02
How applicants complete step 4 of self-registration: Support & access requirements 06:58
How applicants complete step 5 of self-registration: Employment 07:46
How applicants complete step 6 of self-registration: ID verification 08:16
How applicants complete step 7 of self-registration: Communication preferences 08:36
How to start the check eligibility section  09:45
How to complete check eligibility: Programme details  10:35
How to complete check eligibility: Basic personal details 11:30
How to complete check eligibility: Employment overview 11:45
How to complete check eligibility: Qualification overview 12:45
How to schedule a sign-up meeting 13:09
How to complete the additional details section


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