Subject Access Requests (SAR)


A subject access request (SAR) can be requested at any time, individuals have the right to access and receive a copy of their personal data, and other supplementary information.

Guidance for Learners and Employers

In most cases, it's quicker to log in to your Bud account to get information. You can log in at any time by going to

If you still need to submit a request it must be submitted to your training provider, requests submitted to Bud will be referred to your training provider.

Guidance for Training Providers

Bud is a self-serve application; learners can access most of the information by logging into their Bud account.

If the learner is unable to access Bud for any reason or there is data held in Bud that a learner does not have access to (e.g. notes stored in Learning Plan Overview); the training provider can access this information on behalf of the learner.

The training provider will need to download relevant files and take screenshots of the relevant sections and provide these to the learner in a secure way.

Additional considerations

Training Providers should also consider any third-party integrations (e.g. BSKB) and any data held outside of Bud which will also need to be provided to the Learner to fulfil the SAR. 

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