Signing out of Bud

Browser open with Bud open

If Bud is left open in your browser, after 55 minutes of inactivity a message is shown on the screen to warn that you will be signed-out.


If you remain inactive for a further 5 minutes, your account will be signed out. Clicking Continue Session will keep you signed in and reset the inactivity timer.

Browser closed and/or Bud not open in browser

If you close the browser window or browse to a different site, you will not automatically be signed out.

Next time you return to Bud in the same browser you will automatically sign-in.

Bud Recommends

If you are using a public or shared computer you should manually sign-out of Bud by using the 'log-out' option in the top right of Bud. This will ensure your session is terminated.


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