Multi Factor Authentication Overview (MFA/2fa)



Please note this functionality requires the Premium plan

Bud provides the option to enable a secondary authentication factor (also known as 2fa or MFA) for any account created on the platform, this can be for any of the current user types within Bud:

  • Learner accounts
  • Training provider employee accounts

At the time of inviting the user to register with Bud the option is presented to require a secondary factor, Training provider employee accounts can have multi factor enabled at any time through the user management screens. (subject to the relevant user permissions to do so).

Secondary Factor

Bud supports TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) with Microsoft Authenticator being the recommended application. Bud does not support SMS.

Enabling Multi Factor (MFA)

Once enabled on an account the next time the user logs in (or the first time if registering) they will be required to register their secondary factor with Bud. They will be unable to complete the login steps with Bud and access the application until this has been completed.

Logging in with Multi Factor (MFA)

Once a secondary factor has been configured whenever the user logs into Bud, they will be prompted to enter the 6-digit code from the authenticator app following a successful username and password entry. Failure to enter a valid code will result in no access being granted to the main application.

Removing Multi Factor (MFA)

The removal of a secondary factor e.g., in the scenario where a mobile device has been lost or damaged will require the user to contact the Bud support team at 

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