Learner Progress Record - Completing a Standard


When a learner has completed their learning and qualifications and has finished their Standard apprenticeship you will want to record this within Bud. This can be done via the Learner Progress Record. 

User Roles

    • Trainer
    • Operation Manager
    • IQA

How to: Complete a Standard

In order to complete a Standard the learner must have:

  • Achieved a Skill Scan score of 8+ on all the standard learning outcomes. 
  • No outstanding activities or activities have been exempted.

To review the current status of the standard:

  • Navigate to the required learner
  • Select Learning from the secondary navigation menu
  • Select Learner Progress Record from the drop down menu



Within the Learner Progress Record, you'll see the ability to 'Mark Learning as Complete'. This will be activated as soon as all the qualifications and functional skills the learner is working towards are 100% complete. 

When you select this option we will update the ILR to record the completion, and the learner will be marked as complete throughout Bud. Any notifications associated with the learner will be closed and the learning plan will be locked down. 







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