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This article provides further insight into the learner progress record (LPR) feature in Bud. The LPR displays all the criteria a learner is required to achieve in the programme and whether or not it has been completed. 

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User Roles  

  • Trainers  
  • IQA Role 
  • Operations Managers 
  • General Administrators  

How to: Interpret the Learner Progress Record 

To locate the LPR:

  • Navigate to the learners tab then search for the appropriate learner. 
  • Select the learning tab
  • Select the learner progress record



For each standard of the programme the LPR tracks how many criteria have been completed for each learning outcome, to understand what criteria still need to be completed before the end of the programme.  (see image below) 


To view the activities under each standard you can select to expand each learning outcome. This will display the activities under that learning outcome, and their status. (see image below)

Here the LPR will also highlight any gaps i.e. any criteria not assigned to an activity. This will have been missed at programme creation and will need to be flagged to your programme manager. 


By selecting an individual activity, you will be able to see the summary of the requirements and full activity criteria. (see image below)



Bud Recommends

  • Use the LPR to perform a gap analysis with learners. Spotting any gaps where further activities need to be planned to address criteria. 
  • We would advise that any gaps found are flagged to your programme manager to be rectified and avoid the need to add new activities to a learner plan

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