Learner .CSV Report


The Learner CSV report can be downloaded from the 'Learners' area of Bud.

User Roles

  • Operations Manager
  • Trainer

How to: Use the Learner .CSV report

If you have the appropriate user permissions you will see the option to 'Generate a report' menu, with the option 'Learner Report' as shown below.

Please note to view all learners within your tenancy and not just those assigned to you the Compliance Administrator and Trainer user role must be enabled. 

This report will extract details of all learners linked to the training provider. The fields included within the report are detailed below:



Learner Ref Number

Learner Name

Date Of Birth

NI Number

Job Title

Email Address

Age Group

Trainer Name


Programme Level


Employer Location

Learner Start Date

Learner Planned End Date

Off the job hours complete as a % of learning plan

Activities complete as a % of learning plan



Levy Funded

All activities on Programme

Completed Activities

Live Activities

Overdue Activities

Unset Activities

Last Completed Progress Review Due Date

Last Completed Progress Review Completion Date

Progress Review Names

Progress Review Statuses

Progress Review Due Dates


Active/Inactive Learners

Last Date in Learning

Last Date in Learning Type

Last Progression Date


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