Employer .CSV Report

Employer CSV Report

The Employer CSV report can be downloaded from the 'Employers' area of Bud.

User Role

  • Employer Administrator 

How to: Use the Employer .CSV Report

If you have the appropriate user permissions you will see the option to 'Export as CSV', as shown below: 

This report will extract details of all employers linked to the training provider. The fields included within the report are detailed below:



Employer name


Type of location



"Y" or "N"

Address line 1


Address line 2


Address line 3


Town or city




Levy Payer?

 "Y" or "N"

Employer liability insurance certificate number


Employer liability insurance start date


Employer liability insurance expiry date


Employer liability insurance certificate present?

"Y" if file present "N" if no file present

Health & safety start date


Health & safety expiry date


Health & safety certificate present?

"Y" if file present "N" if no file present

Written Agreement start d​ate


Written Agreement end date


Written Agreement present?

"Y" if file present "N" if no file present​

Please note: Duplicate entries may appear for some employers. This is to represent employers with multiple Liability Insurance certificates, Health & Safety certificates and/or Written Agreements.

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