Altered Activities .CSV Report

Altered Activities CSV Report

The Altered Activities CSV report can be downloaded from the 'Learners' area of Bud.

User Role

  • Operations Manager
  • Trainer
  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Use the Altered Activities .CSV Report

If you have the appropriate user permissions you will see the option to 'Generate a report' menu, with the option 'Altered Activities' as shown below: 

This report will extract details of all learners within the training provider who have had an activity exempted or added to their learning plan. This report is really helpful for Programme Contributors and Programme Managers, as it may highlight trends within a published programme that could inform a future review of the Programme. The fields included within the report are detailed below:


Learner Reference Number

Learner Name

Trainer Name

Programme Name



Learner Status

Programme Start Date

Programme End Date

Activity Name


Planned Off The Job Hours

Exempt Reason

Exempt Additional Comments

Exempted On

Exempted By

Added On

Added By


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