Feature Switches



For you to get the most out of Bud, a number of feature switches are made available to you. When your tenancy is set up these will typically include the following depending on whether you are essentials or a premium customer: 

Essentials & Premium feature switches 

Premium only feature switches 

Account Management 



Learning Portal 

Automatically Activate Learners 


Learner Management 

Change Employer Functionality

Application Compliance 

Progress Review Welfare Comments

Skills Scan

Progress Review Actions

Additional Learning Support for Activities

Automatically Set Activities

Ask about Bud Communication

Bulk Uploads


Multiple Trainers for a Learner 

Application LRS 

Finance Reports

Employer Reports

Ask for ID Documents

Skill Scan in Enrolment

Skill Scan in Self-Enrolment 

RAG Rate Learner

Scorm Content

Enhanced EPA 

Group Management 


You will also be able to select the non-apprenticeship funding types you would like available for other skills and training programmes (OST), these include: 

  • AEB
  • Advanced Learner Loans
  • Traineeships
  • Commercial Programme
  • Skills Bootcamp
  • Other funding model 

Additional Feature Switches 

There are also a number of additional feature switches available that can be switched on. Depending on whether you are essentials or a premium customer these include: 

Essentials & Premium feature switches  Premium only feature switches 

Zendesk Custom Integration

Zendesk Widget 

Hotjar Widget

Benchmarking Reports

Learning Style Assessment 

Virus Scanning 

Scottish Apprenticeship 

Inline Manual



Activity Library 




Two Factor Authentication

Accountability Reports

Learner Destination 

If you wish to have a premium account feature switch made available you will need to upgrade to the premium package. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information. 


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