How to Manage Subcontracting in Bud


Whilst Bud doesn’t fully support subcontracting in terms of holding all the specific documents and processes, there are a few ways you can utilise the system to help manage your subcontracting.

How to: Manage Subcontracting


When enrolling learners, follow the same process as usual, but get an addendum that outlines who the partners are and what they’re delivering. You can then upload this as additional evidence in the application document area.

If additional information is required by the subcontractor, you could also add some Trainer Provider defined questions to the ‘additional details’ sections of Bud's application journey. These will show on the ‘Application Summary’ doc, not the training plan (formerly commitment statement).

  • To add Trainer Provider defined questions, please follow the steps here. Please note this is only available with Premium functionality.


In order to manage training, this ultimately comes down to your organisation’s model. If the subcontractor will be delivering a block of their training, you can:

  • Create them as a trainer and then allocate the specific learners to their caseload. This way they will only be able to see the trainers allocated to them that they are delivering to.

If there are selected activities:

  • Make the main trainer someone internal (e.g. if there is someone within your organisation managing the process or delivering other training) and then utilise the multiple trainer functionality.
  • This way you can allocate certain activities to them (set them up in Bud as a trainer), which will then make them the learner’s secondary trainer (they would then just have visibility of these selected activities).


There may be some information within the ILR that you need to add in (if different/in addition to the documents that have been generated in the application process):

  • If the learning aim is subcontracted to more than one organisation, then the one who delivers the greatest proportion of the aim should be recorded.
  • You may also need to add the Subcontractor’s UKPRN. You can add this within the Learning Delivery tab in the ILR and then under the relevant aim you should see a field titled ‘Subcontracted or Partnership UKPRN’.
  • Be mindful of the Delivery Location Postcode in the Learning Delivery tab. Keep this updated with the postcode of the provider doing the majority of delivery for that aim. Where provision is delivered away from a learning centre, for example, distance or e-learning, the following code should be entered: ZZ99 9ZZ.




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