Training Provider White Labelling


White labelling is being able to use your own branding on a product. The Bud platform allows for the Bud logo in the top-left corner of the screen to be replaced by the logo of the chosen training provider.

This logo will be visible to any user affiliated with a single training provider. The Bud logo will be displayed if a user is affiliated with more than one training provider.

How to: Set Up a Logo For My Tenancy.

Contact your Customer Success Manager, who can advise you on the correct steps. We will need the image/logo of your choice in the correct format and file size:  

  • The image must be one of the following file types: PNG, or JPG.
  • The image must have the following minimum dimensions:
    • Width = 170 pixels
    • Height = 50 pixels

Please note: The website will resize the supplied logo as appropriate for the device being used. 

Once we have received your image/logo in the correct format and size the Bud internal team will

  1. Upload the logo image file to the correct place
  2. Update the training provider's record to reference this logo file.

Please note: We have a standard 10-day working SLA to complete the change. 

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We would advise that the change is made to your test environment first before moving to the live site. 

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