Group Learning – Tracking Attendance in Bud


This article will guide you through how to track learners' virtual or physical attendance in Bud. There are three steps required: 

  1. Create a group and add the relevant learners 
  2. Add an activity for all learners
  3. Complete the activity for all learners

User Roles

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager
  • Any user role with the ‘Learner Activity Management’ additional permission activated

How to: Record attendance in Bud

1. Create your group and add learners whom you wish to track attendance for  

  • Navigate to groups from the primary navigation bar under the ‘learners’ section. 
  • Click ‘new group’ and enter a name which must be unique to you
  • Click ‘create group’

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to create your group: 

The group will now appear in your list. To add learners to this group:  

  • Click on the group 
  • Click ‘add learners’, and a list of learners assigned to you as the trainer will appear. Operations Managers will only be able to create groups that include learners associated with them or their trainers – where the trainer is the primary trainer. If you have the ‘Learner Activity Management’ permission activated all learners in your tenancy will appear
  • Use the tick box to select the learners you wish to add to your group

More details on creating groups and adding learners can be found here.

2. Add an activity to your group 

When in your group select the activities tab next to the learners tab to switch to the activities view as highlighted below: 


Once in the activities view:

  • Click ‘Add Activities’ at the top right of the activity grid
  • Select the type of activity you wish to add
  • Complete the activity details, which are in the same format as presented when adding an individual activity
  • Click ‘add activity’, this activity is added to all learners within the group and appears on the learner plan for all learners within the group as ‘unset’

More details on how to add activities can be found here.

3. Complete the activity for the group 

Completing this step will provide the record of attendance. To do this: 

  • Navigate to the group
  • Click on the activities tab to view the activity grid
  • Select the relevant activity you wish to complete
  • Select the specific learners using the tick boxes next to their names, or all learners within the activity can be selected using the tick box at the top of the grid (the number of learners selected is shown at the top of the grid).
  • Click ‘Complete activity’ as highlighted below: 


More information on how to complete an activity can be found here.

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