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This article will guide you through how to use the group functionality within Bud, including how to view, add and exempt activities. 

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How to: Manage Group Learning Activities 

Add Activities

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to add activities to a group. Written instructions are also provided underneath the video:

  • Navigate to the Groups area through the primary navigation bar under the “Learners” section and select the group you wish to add activities to
  • You will then see the list of learners in this group. Select the activities tab next to the learners tab to switch to the activities view. 
  • Click “Add Activities” at the top right of the activity grid.
  • Select the type of activity you wish to add. 
  • Add the activity details, which are in the same format as presented when adding an individual activity.
  • Click “add activity” - this activity is added to all learners within the group and appears on the learner plan for all learners within the group as “unset”. 

View Activities 

Once activities are added they will appear in the Activities tab on the Group homepage. This tab shows a list of all activities assigned to all learners within the group, including activities assigned to learners individually, and activities added through the group. The status columns show the activity status for learners within the group who have been assigned this activity.

Exempt Activities 

Activities can be exempt using the actions button. This button includes a dropdown allowing you to select “set” or “ exempt” activities once learners have been selected.  Activities can be exempt at all statuses except “complete” and “confirmation pending”.


Once “ exempt activity” is selected a pop up is displayed where the reason and comments for the exemption can be added. Any notes added here will be displayed against the activity for the individual's learning plan.



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