Group Learning – How to Complete Activities for a Group



This article will guide you through how to use the group functionality within Bud to complete activities for your groups.

User Roles

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager
  • Any user role with the 'Learner Activity Management' additional permission activated

How to: Complete Activities for a Group

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to complete activities for a group. Written steps are also provided underneath the video: 

  • Navigate to the relevant group
  • Click on the activities tab to view the activity grid
  • Select the relevant activity you wish to complete
  • Select the specific learners using the tick boxes next to their names, or all learners within the activity can be selected using the tick box at the top of the grid (the number of learners selected is shown at the top of the grid).
  • Click ‘Complete activity’.
  • A modal is presented if there are ALS learners included in the selection, giving the option to include or exclude them from an activity:
  • Click ‘Next’ once the option is selected.
  • The number of learners impacted by the action will be shown at the top of the modal 
  • You will need to insert the details of the completion – this covers making the submission and marking the submission, putting the activity into a state of ‘Confirmation pending’ for the learners' final sign-off.
  • The hours for the submission will default to 0 and can be updated to the required whole value.
  • Mandatory fields are:
    • Developmental feedback,
    • Uploaded file
    • Mark this work as 'complete' or 'partially complete'

Please note when completing an activity via Group Learning, the following applies:

  • If an activity has knowledge, skills and behaviours criteria mapped to it, via programme build, the recommended criteria will be marked off as complete. 
  • If an activity does not have knowledge, skills and behaviours criteria mapped to it, no criteria can be mapped. If mapping is required, the activity will need to be completed via the learning plan on a learner-by-learner basis.
  • Hours that are entered as part of this action will be in addition to any hours added directly by the learner/trainer to the activity.
  • If a learner in the group has the activity as exempt, the complete action will not take place.
  • If an activity is ‘unset’ for any learners in the group, when a complete action is taken, that activity will move to ‘confirmation pending’ as it would if the activity was ‘set’.

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