Additional Learning Support - Compliance Checks


Once a learner is signed up, you are able to compliance check the Additional Learning Support information and evidence.

User Roles

  • Compliance Administrator

How to: Compliance Checking ALS 

  • Within the Application Documents page you will see a line for Additional Learning Support:




  • When selecting this, all of the information that was captured at sign-up will be displayed, including details about the funding. Before the compliance check can be completed the funding information needs to be completed:


  • Claiming funding for ALS is not enforced within Bud so you will be asked whether you would like to claim funding or not. If you select yes you will also be required to add the date that you want to claim funding from. This will inform the ILR. 
  • Once the funding has been set you will be able to complete the compliance checks. Once compliance checked any further changes to the plan, funding, or recording provision, can be done within the Learning Plan. 

Please Note, if you are not happy with the details that were captured at sign-up then you have the option to either edit the application or access the Learning Plan and change the information there.

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