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As well as when identified at enrolment, Additional Learning Support can also be managed within the Learning Plan.

Prefer to watch a video? Click here to watch a webinar on additional learning support as part of our Client Education series. 

User Roles

  • Compliance Administrator 
  • Trainer

How to: Manage ALS in the Learning Plan

  • You can access this when in a learner’s plan via the secondary navigation bar, by selecting Learning followed by Learning Support:


  • If the learner took BKSB assessments they will be presented, together with the Additional Learning Support plan, if one has been created:


If a plan hasn't been created, then you'll be able to create one in the same way as creating a plan at sign-up. The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to create a support plan within a learner record: 

  • If you need to amend the plan you can select 'Edit' and make any changes as appropriate.
  • If a learner has multiple plans you will see the plan history which is broken down into the date ranges in which they were active:
  • Once you have an Additional Learning Support plan in place you can record specific instances of provision. Simply select ‘Add’:
    • This will open up a region where you can record the type of support, who provided the support, details of the support, together with the date it was provided on:
    • Together with the plan, this will provide evidence of your assessment of need along with ongoing provision.

Please note when creating an ALS plan after enrollment, the signature must be requested from the Learning Support page. If you need to prompt your learner to sign documents, please signpost them to their 'reviews & documents' tab in their learning plan








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