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Funding may have been turned on as part of the compliance checks at sign-up, or it may be turned on at a later date. In your ‘Claim History,’ you will see a date range indicating when you have claimed funding. This can be matched up with the provision to check that you have recorded ALS where you are claiming funding. 

User Roles:

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Compliance Administrators 

How to: Claiming Funding 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to start and stop claiming funding for ALS: 

Starting a Claim:

  • Bud will ask if you want to claim funding for the learning support, and if so, what date the funding should be claimed from.  
  • Please be aware, the date inputted here will inform the ILR, and although you can choose a date in both the past and future, you will not be able to claim funding for any period before the learner’s start date.  
  • Please note that the funding start date must be later than the apprenticeship start date and later than the most recent fundings claims end date

Stopping a Claim:

  • To stop providing Additional Learning Support, or stop claiming funding, then you can select the ‘Stop Additional Learning Support’ or ‘Stop Additional Learning Support Funding’ buttons and enter the comments.
  • If you stop Additional Learning Support, you will need to also follow the process to stop Additional Learning Support Funding too.
  • When you stop additional learner support funding, you will be asked to confirm the date. This date will be automated into the ILR. 

Once stopped, if you wish to turn on Additional Learning Support or funding this can be done via this same page again. As previously stated, you can turn Additional Learning Support on and off as frequently as required.  

Bud Recommends

The support plan and the funding claim work independently of each other. For this reason, it may be worth putting an internal process in place to ensure that when plans are created/stopped, the funding is also created/stopped.


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