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Additional Learning Support (ALS) is provided when a learner needs assistance with difficulties or health problems that affect their ability to complete an apprenticeship.

User Role

  • Operations Manager 
  • Trainer

How to: Access Additional Learning Support

In order to claim Additional Learning Support, a provider needs to complete three key requirements:

  1. Identify the need- This could be through the BKSB assessments during sign-up or self-declaration from the learner and may occur at any point during the apprenticeship.
  2. Create a plan- Indicate what is going to be done to support the learner. Who will do what, why, where and when.
  3. Actual delivery- Record what support has been given in line with the plan.

At Bud, we've developed a systemised approach which allows you to meet these 3 requirements.

  1. During sign-up and on an ongoing basis we enable you to review any initial assessments that may have been taken as part of the enrolment process, view any self-declared disabilities or difficulties, and create a support plan. 
  2. As part of the sign-up, once all details have been added, your compliance team can check Additional Learning Support and decide whether funding should be claimed. 
  3. Once learning, we provide an easy way to manage Additional Learning Support within the learner’s Learning Plan.  

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