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Bud's IQA sampling functionality is the first step to a fully systematised IQA process within Bud. We provide the ability for you to schedule and complete individual samples, ensuring details of a sample are all within one system.

User Roles

  • IQA

How to: IQA Overview  

In order to conduct a sample you'll step through a number of processes: 

  1. Schedule a Sample - record when, why, and who is going to conduct the sample, as well as the individual learning outcomes to be sampled

  2. Conduct the Sample - review individual activities, provide feedback, and detail actions for a trainer at learning outcome level

  3.  Complete a Sample - Generate a sample report, provide a rating for the trainer and detail any overarching actions.

You'll find more details on each step by clicking the links above. We have also added an FAQ page where answers to common questions may be found.  Additionally, this video provides a quick overview of the entire sampling process:


How to access IQA sampling

In order to conduct a sample, you'll need to be set up as an IQA within Bud. When you access an individual learner in the secondary navigation bar, under Administration you'll see IQA Sampling as an option. Selecting this will take you to the IQA sampling page where you can see details of any scheduled, ongoing or completed samples:  




For each scheduled IQA Sample we show the following information: 

  • Assigned IQA - Who is going to perform the sample 
  • Status - The status of the sample (see below)
  • Scheduled Date - The date the sampling is due to start
  • Units - The number of unique units selected 
  • Learning Outcomes (LO) - The number of learning outcomes selected 
  • Activity Types - The number of unique activity types selected 

For each completed IQA sample the following will also be shown:

  • Completed Date - The date the sample was completed 
  • LO Sampled - The number of learning outcomes that were sampled 
  • LO Unsampled - The number of learning outcomes that could not be sampled 

Status of an IQA Sample

Each sample has a different status to indicate where it is in the sampling journey: 

  • Scheduled - The IQA sample has been scheduled 
  • In Progress - The sampling process has begun
  • Awaiting Trainer Confirmation - Learning outcomes have been sampled, and the sample report needs to be reviewed and confirmed by the trainer. 
  • Awaiting IQA Confirmation - The trainer has reviewed the sample report and completed any actions set for them. 
  • Completed - The IQA has reviewed any actions completed by the Trainer and has finished the sample. 

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