IQA Sampling FAQs

A series of FAQs relating to the IQA Sampling Process

Q. Who can schedule a sample?

A. Anyone with an IQA user role

Q. Who can start a sample?

A. In order to start conducting a sample, the user will need to be the named IQA 

Q. Can I review more than just activities? 

A. Yes, when conducting your sample you can review things like progress reviews as well. We would suggest doing this once you have completed sampling the activities, and add any notes or feedback in the IQA summary. You can also upload files when finishing the sample. 

Q. How can I provide a list of actions?

A. When providing feedback against the learning outcome, you can create a list of actions, either numbered or bullet pointed in the learning outcome notes section or uploaded as a separate document in additional evidence. 

Q. Can I edit the learning outcome feedback

A. No.

Q. How many samples can I conduct?

A. As many as you like - there's no restriction on the number of samples per learner or per IQA. 

Q. If I am assigned as an additional trainer to a learner can I IQA any of their activities I have not assessed?

No, trainers and additional trainers are unable to IQA their own learners even for activities they have not assessed. If your organisation requires this it is recommended that you create a dedicated IQA account which can be used amongst an internal team to allow you to sample all learners. 

Q. Is there a way to sample by completed activities rather than LO?

A. Sampling is undertaken from the perspective of the learning outcomes and units only.

Q. If multiple outcomes are linked to a range of evidence or activities, will all be shown or only for those outcomes that are completed?

A. All activities linked to a learning outcome will be displayed and available to be sampled. 

Q. If you sample an activity, can it be sampled in future reports?

A. Yes, an activity or learning outcome can be sampled as many times as you wish.

Q. Do you need to build the report and add a rating if a sample was unable to take place?

A. Yes, at least one learning outcome has to be sampled before you can complete the sampling process and view the report.

If you are unable to sample any of the learning outcomes that you have already selected then we would suggest either editing the sample selection, to chose additional learning outcomes, or marking an individual learning outcome as sampled with a note attached.

Q. Can we delete a scheduled sample?

A. No.

Q. What view do trainers have?

A. Trainers will be able to access the IQA sampling page, where they will be able to see a full sample history. Whilst they will be able to see samples that have been 'Scheduled' or are 'In Progress', they will not be able to view the details of the samples. Therefore they will not be able to see the learning outcomes that are being sampled.

When the IQA has completed a sample, and it is at a status of 'Awaiting Trainer Confirmation'  a trainer will then be able to view the sample report and see all the details of the sample (learning outcomes sampled, feedback etc).

Q. Can you tell when a trainer has confirmed the actions from the report?

A. You will receive a notification on the IQA dashboard when a trainer confirms that they have read the sample report.

Q. Do you show Qualifications as well as Standards?

A. Yes, all qualifications, functional skills, and the Standard learning outcomes will be displayed, if the learner is completing them as part of their apprenticeship.

Q. Will trainers receive notification that a sample has been conducted?

A. Trainers will receive a notification on their dashboard.

Q. Can you create sampling templates?

A. Not within Bud. However, as the IQA data is available in the data warehouse you will be able to create any reports or templates that you wish to.

Q. Can you copy and paste feedback or upload files?

A. Yes, you can copy and paste it into the learning outcome feedback. You will also be able to upload a file when completing the sample.

Q. Can you conduct the sample without scheduling it?

A. No, you always need to schedule a sample first. However, you can start sampling as soon as the sample has been scheduled.

Q. Can you edit the feedback once the sample has been finished?

A. No.

Q. Is the rating mandatory and do trainers see it?

A. Yes.

Q. Are you able to see an overview for each trainer of multiple samples?

A. As the IQA data is available in the embedded reports you will be able to create a report showing this. 

Q. Can multiple IQAs be allocated to each learner depending on competency?

A. The assigned IQA has to start the sample. However, once started any IQA can sample and add feedback.

Q. Does Bud have any visibility of sampling by trainer?

A. Yes, this information is available via the data warehouse or in the embedded reports. 

Q. Can an IQA manager see how many samples the IQA's have completed?

A. Yes, this information is available via the data warehouse or the embedded reports.

Q. Can you give IQA access to an external person such as EQAs or Ofsted?

A. Yes, your System Administrator will need to contact Bud support team to arrange this.

Q. Can IQA feedback be sent to an additional trainer assigned to a learner? 

A. No, feedback will always go to the primary assigned trainer.

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