Suggested IQA Referral Process


If further actions are required by the trainer following a sample of a learner's portfolio, Bud suggests the following workflow within the system.

User Roles

  • IQA 

How to: Suggested IQA Referral Process 

  1. IQA completes IQA sample in Bud. Detailed feedback and actions are sent to the trainer via the IQA report comments.
  2. Trainer to read IQA report and look to address actions as required
  3. Once the trainer has completed the IQA actions, the trainer to click ‘confirm actions’ have been completed via the ‘Trainer Confirm’ button in the IQA report
  4. IQA to review notes/actions in the report and review the actions from the newly added activity (note this is outside of the referred sample by either setting a new sample or just reviewing the new work in the relevant area)
  5. When IQA is happy the actions have been completed – IQA to confirm via the ‘IQA Confirm’ button in the IQA report
  6. IQA to complete the final notes section on the report – noting in the summary that the highlighted actions have been complete

Bud Recommends 

  • If the trainer has not completed the actions – they should not use the trainer confirm button, until they have all actions completed. 
  • The IQA should not use the IQA confirm button until all actions from the report have been completed
  • Consider setting a process where the trainer adds all IQA actions to the additional evidence section so it is easy to find. Or agree that the trainer will notify the IQA where the evidence has been uploaded and what the activity name is, making it easier to find.


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