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Bud’s Activity Library is a place where you can build and store activities to use when creating programmes. The library will save you time by enabling you to build an activity once, save it, and use it across multiple programmes. 

When building your activities in the library you can use a tag system to group together activities allowing you to easily search and bulk add activities when building a  programme. 

User Roles

  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Contributor

How to: Use the Activity Library

Bud’s Activity Library can be found under the Programmes tab. Once within the library, you will be able to see and search the activities using three search options:  

  • Activity name – provides a text box for you to search using the activity name. 
  • By status – provides the ability to filter to a specific activity status. Particularly useful for a Programme Manager looking to review and publish/withdraw activities that are awaiting approval.
  • By tags – provides a method to easily see activities within a tag grouping. This will also help identify all activities assigned to a tag during programme build, allowing you to select all within the tag group and add to your programme.

The activity library home page has the usual pagination to help you navigate around the page and the ability to select from viewing 10, 25, 50 and 100 activities per page. There is the ability to ‘select all’ based on the page view set. 

Each activity is presented as a card showing: 

  • Activity name
  • Activity type
  • Activity status (Draft, Awaiting Approval, and Published),
  • Number of tags associated with the activity
  • A ‘View’ button to open the activity.

Watch the video below for an overview of the activity library: 

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