Requesting Standards, Qualifications and Functional Skills


In this article, you will find the steps on how to make any type of request for a Standard, Qualification or Functional Skills programme within Bud. It is important you follow the procedure below as this will help the process to be as smooth as possible and avoid any delays in the completion of your request.

User Roles:

  • Systems Administrator 
  • Programme Contributer 
  • Programme Manager

How to: Make a Programme Request

Before you start creating any programmes you must first check if they already exist, along with their associated criteria, within the system. If they don't or if they need to be completed or updated (i.e. new version), you will need to request it from Bud.

When sending a programme request, please note that with all programme updates we currently have a 10 day SLA for completion.  This will apply from the moment you receive confirmation that we have everything we need to proceed with your enquiry, including the correct handbooks, links or any other information needed to complete your request.

The steps are as follows:

  • Download and complete the Masterfile Template attached with the programmes you require
  • Ensure you provide the correct information, links and handbooks (see the section below “Completing a Masterfile template”)
  • Send to
  • Allow up to 10 working days for the completion of your request.

Note: When requesting any programme update of a new version (i.e. an official new version for a Standard programme) for compliance reasons, we can only add a programme into the system once it has been launched by the IFA and not before.

Once the programme is official we’ll be able to build it into the platform. The 10 working day turnaround policy will be applied from the date the programme has been launched (if we already have the correct information).

Completing a Masterfile template

Bud imports datasets from LARS and Ofqual to pre-populate the system with apprenticeship standards and registered qualifications. These datasets do not contain the KSBs or the assessment criteria found in the assessment plans, these are manually added and quality assured by the Bud team. It is highly important you provide the correct details and the latest version of the programmes you need in the system.

On the Masterfile please add:

  • The official Standard and Qualification titles, including the code/QAN (Learning Aim Reference)
  • Provide the correct link to the Standard from the IFA or
  • Provide the correct link to the Qualification handbook specification (see the section below "Correct Handbook")
  • Make sure you list the mandatory and relevant qualifications that need to be added and linked to the standards.
  • Provide the correct and complete name of the Awarding Organisation. 
  • Any other relevant details or documents

Correct Handbook for a Qualification

If we do not receive the correct handbook specification it can significantly delay the start of processing your request and its completion.

We need a handbook/syllabus that contains the specification of all units, including all learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each individual unit.  For example: 




The format of handbooks between awarding organisations can vary, however, they should always contain the same information. Handbooks are either available directly on an awarding organisation’s website or required to be downloaded, when a download is required please provide the download link. If you are unable to find the handbook, contact the awarding organisation to provide you with the information.

Bud Recommends

  • Please use the Masterfile Template attached and no other template. This template will also be amended with any improvements required; therefore this will always be the latest version.
  • If you are unsure of where to find the handbook for the qualification you need, please contact the awarding organisation as soon as you can. 


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