Activity Library - How to Create an Activity in the Library and Add Tags


This article outlines how to build activities within the activity library and add relevant tags. 

User Roles 

  • Programme Manager 
  • Programme Contributor 

How to: Create Activities and Add Tags 

  • Under Programmes, click ‘Activity Library’
  • Go to ‘Add new activity’
  • Select the type of activity and populate the activity details: 
  • Name the activity
    • This name will be visible to all so it should be meaningful and help the learner and trainer know what it is.
    • To save an activity as draft, the name is mandatory. All other fields are not required until you look to request approval. 
  • Add tag (s)
    • Here you can create and add existing tags to help group your activities together.
    • This can be used to help when searching for activities in the library and when later building programmes, where you will be able to search by tag and bulk add to your programme.The video below outlines how to add and use tags: 

The remainder of the activity can be created using Bud's standard manual activity creation process.


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