Activity Library - How to Edit an Activity


All activities in the library can be edited once published, putting it back into a state of ‘Draft’ until any edits are approved. Once approved the activity will be pushed back to a published status.

User Roles

  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Contributor

How to: Edit Activities 

  • Go to Programmes
  • Select ‘Activity Library'
  • Search and find the activity you wish to edit
  • Click ‘View’
  • Here you will see the activity detail in a non-editable state
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner

The video below outlines how to edit an activity: 


  • You can adjust all components of the activity and select ‘Save’, putting the activity into a ‘Draft’ state, ahead of being able to make further edits or requesting approval.
  • Once the activity has been approved and republished any updates will filter through to any programme, application and in-flight learner (activity status dependent) the activity sits within. 

Please note for in-flight learners that have the updated activity on their learning plan, the updating process follows the below business rules which consider the status of the activity on the learning plan before updating: 

edit activities.png


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