Activity Library - How to Publish An Activity


When activities are first created they are in a draft status, where you can continue to review and make adjustments. When the activity is ready to be published approval must be requested.

User Roles

  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Contributor

How to: Publish an Activity 

  • Once you have created an activity a 'Request Approval' button is available.
  • Prior to requesting approval be sure to review the content.
  • Please note to request approval the activity name, summary, detailed learner instructions, trainer instructions and off the job hours (even if 0 is entered) must all be completed. 
  • The activity moves into an ‘Awaiting approval’ status for a Programme Manager to review and either withdraw the approval, putting the activity back to ‘Draft’, or publish, putting the activity into the ‘Published’ state.

The video below outlines how to publish an activity: 

Please note:

  • A Programme Contributor can only request approval, they are unable to review and publish activities.
  • A Programme Manager can both review and publish their own and others' activities. They can filter the library by ‘Awaiting Approval’ to easily identify the activities that require review and approval/withdrawal.

Once activities are published they can be edited. 

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