Propagation of edits made to activities within a published standards programme to enrolment and learning plan


Activities within a published standards programme can be edited and these changes propagate to new and existing enrolments and learning plans on this programme.

User Roles

  • Programme Manager

How to use: editing a published programme propagation

  • The propagation of updates made to a published standards programme are triggered by the republishing of a programme.
  • The propagation of updates is an automatic process following the below business rules:

  • New enrolments will automatically receive the updates made to a published programme once it is republished.
  • Existing enrolments will receive updates made to the programme up to the point the first signature is placed on the Apprenticeship Agreement. Beyond this point, updates will be made to the applicant's learning plan.
  • If an edit is made to the application after any signatures are placed on the apprenticeship agreement, the signatures will be reset, updates will continue to propagate until the first signature is captured again on the apprenticeship agreement.
  • Learning plans will receive updates based on the status of the activity that has been updated as per the business rules shown above.
  • A change to the target start/end date within manually added and library activities will propagate to the learning plan in a state of unset. Please note, if a learner is further into the programme than the new target due date, the activity will be placed in the selected target date. The Trainer will need to find the activity and set the due date to the desired month.
  • Updates to a learning plan will appear in the audit at the bottom of the learning plan.
  • Propagation of updates will continue to learners on a break following the above business rules.

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