Selecting Preferred Genders & Pronouns in Apprenticeship Applications


This article explains how Apprenticeship applicants can select their preferred genders and/or pronouns during their Apprenticeship applications.


User roles

The following users can select an Apprenticeship applicant's preferences during an Apprenticeship application:

  • Apprenticeship applicants
  • Training provider users with the ability to view applications, such as:
    • Trainers
    • Operations Managers
    • Sales
    • General admins
    • Compliance admins



Applicants will be able to select their gender and pronoun preferences during the Apprenticeship self-enrolment process if they have been invited to complete their application by their training provider.

On the first step of the self-enrolment flow, "Your Details", there are three questions relating to sex, gender, and pronouns:

  1. Legal Sex - this question is defined by the Government's ILR specification and can only accept either Male or Female as answer options. Bud must remain compliant with the Government specifications for this question. This question is mandatory.
  2. Preferred gender - this question allows applicants to chose their preferred gender from a more diverse dropdown list. The answer will not be reported in the ILR. This question is optional.
  3. Preferred pronouns - this question allows applicants to chose their preferred pronouns. The answer will not be reported in the ILR, but will be shown on the Learner Contact Card visible to training provider users and associated employer contacts viewing the Learning Plan. This question is optional.


Training provider applications

Training provider users managing an Apprenticeship application on behalf of the applicant will be able to provide answers for the same three questions shown in the applicant's self-enrolment flow.

If an existing application is put into "edit mode", then the questions will be available to update there.


Displaying selected preferred pronouns

If a learner has selected their preferred pronouns during their Apprenticeship application, they will be displayed on their contact card for employer contacts and trainers to see when they view the learner's Learning Plan in Bud.

They will be shown in brackets under the learner's name, like the below example:

Contact card with pronouns.PNG

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