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This article will guide you through how to schedule a sign-up. 


  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 

How to: Schedule a Sign-Up 

Once all of the eligibility sections have been completed, you can then schedule the sign-up meeting. Applicants in this situation will be in a status of 'To Schedule'. 

  • You will be required to specify the date, time and location of the meeting, which must be in the future
  • If you opt to notify the applicant they'll receive an e-mail detailing the time, location and who their trainer is going to be. 
  • If your programme requires BKSB checks then Bud will register the applicant with BKSB and it is at this point that Bud will send an email invitation to the applicant asking them to complete their initial assessments.
  • Please note once the meeting is scheduled, the learner will no longer be able to access their application. Any further changes will need to be made by the training provider.


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