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This article will guide you through the process of inviting an applicant to complete their own application details.

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How to: Invite Applicants to Self-Register

This can be done after inputting the learner's initial details or by selecting 'Invite Applicant' when the initial application record has been created.

Once invited the applicant will receive an e-mail asking them to register and complete their details. Their e-mail will be pre-populated and they will need to select a password. 





Please note, if the applicant has already registered they will be asked to log in. Similarly, if they have already completed the process they will be informed of this and asked to contact their training provider if they have any queries. The applicant will then be required to work through the following steps 

Applicant (learner) details  

The applicant will be asked to complete their basic details, including their date of birth, gender, address and next of kin details. Whilst the mobile phone is an optional field this information could be used to contact the learner about sign-up meetings and learning. They will need to make sure they enter their mobile number without spaces.


​The applicant will then be asked to state their highest level of qualifications, and their level of attainment for Maths, English & ICT:



If the applicant states that they do not have any qualifications, Bud will not show this next section. If they do they'll be asked to complete their qualification history, and optionally, upload evidence. A trainer will be able to review & edit the qualifications entered, and check these against the Learning Records Service (LRS) should they wish:



Additional Details

​The applicant will have to provide some additional details, including their residence status, household status, and ethnicity. They will also be required to write a written statement detailing why they would like to take this apprenticeship and what they hope to gain from it

Support & Access

The applicant can detail if they have any support or access requirements. Should an applicant have any requirements they will be able to detail what disabilities or difficulties they have. These will then be discussed with the trainer in the sign-up meeting to understand what specific support the learner will need. 



Please note this section is optional and if the applicant does not want to complete it they do not have to. 


The applicant will be asked to populate information about their current employment situation:



ID Documents

This is an optional section configured at training provider level. If you do not have this functionality and would like it turned on, please speak with your account manager. If enabled the applicant will be asked to select their type of ID, enter the document and then upload a copy of their ID.

Please note only the named trainer/applicant owner can open this and progress it.



Communication Preferences

The applicant can enter their communication preferences, choosing how they wish to be contacted by either Bud, the training provider or the ESFA. 

Skill Scan

If you have the Skill Scan in Self-Enrolment feature switch enabled, the final step of the self-registration will be the Skill Scan assessment.

Please note, you will need to select the programme in order for the applicant to see the Skill Scan in the self-registration. If you have not selected the programme by the time the applicant starts self-registration, the flow will end at the 'Communication Preferences' step.

Where the Skill Scan is presented to the applicant in self-registration, it will be mandatory to complete the assessment before submitting the self-enrolment.

Guidance is shown in the banner at the top of the page, explaining what the Skill Scan is and how to complete. Further help can be found by clicking the button on the banner, where this article will be shown: https://support.bud.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/17518710440477-Completing-your-Skills-Scan-assessment

Next Steps 

Once completed the trainer can review this information, and add the remaining information for the eligibility checks before scheduling the sign-up meeting. 




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